Leadership Speaking Alongside Governor Martinez, N.M.

This past week it was an honor to serve as the keynote speaker for the 9/11 ceremony, alongside Governor Susana Martinez, in Albuquerque, NM. She and I had an opportunity to speak one-on-one and I am convinced (now more than ever) that she is just the type of leader we need at the national level. (Hope you are listening, Governor!)

At this event I was able to highlight some of the more inspirational stories from 9/11 and how the people involved in those stories demonstrated remarkable leadership and the true American Spirit. It is this American spirit that the terrorists never understood and could never destroy. Leaders, regardless of the size and scope of the organization they lead, must understand WHY their organization exists and must be able to articulate that “WHY” to the people they lead. During the chaos of 9/11 and the days afterward America was blessed to have leaders who understood this fundamental leadership principle.

As I said in my closing … “Stand tall, stand proud, stand as Americans!” …. If you are interested in more information concerning Major Dan Pantaleo’s leadership keynote speeches, please see his website at: www.danpantaleo.com