dan1Dan Pantaleo is a leadership speaker, author, entrepreneur and retired Marine Corps Officer.

For the past few years, Mr. Pantaleo has traveled throughout the United States to speak at corporate meetings, universities, community service organizations, and programs supporting American veterans. His powerful and compelling speeches draw value-added connections from his leadership and life experiences to the missions and goals of the organizations he speaks to.

Using his experiences at the Pentagon on 9/11 as a backdrop for leadership actions, Mr. Pantaleo draws relevant and direct correlations of leading in business, community, and academic environments. Whether he’s in front of a middle school classroom or thousands in a convention hall, his life’s passion is helping each audience on their path towards reaching their highest human potential.

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Major Dan Pantaleo is originally from Roseville, Michigan and currently lives in central Florida. He is an active member of his church, Stafford Crossing Community Church; is a volunteer wrestling coach and member of the NCAA Hall of Fame for wrestling. Additionally, he holds memberships in the National Speakers Association, the Program Management Institute, and the state of Michigan and Olivet College Halls of Fame. He has been married to his high school sweetheart, Jacqueline, for the past 29 years and lists being a father to his son and daughter as his greatest accomplishment. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Olivet College and a Masters in Systems Management from Capitol College.

Mr. Pantaleo authored “Four Days at the Pentagon” as a way to capture and document the historical significance of the recovery efforts at the Pentagon. He hopes it will serve as a prompt to the next generation to remember and honor the events of 9/11/01.

Mr. Pantaleo’s awards and qualifications include:

  • Recipient of the Defense Meritorious Service Medal for his actions at the Pentagon on 9/11/01 through 9/14/01.
  • Author of “Four Days at the Pentagon” – (Proceeds benefit the Wounded Warrior Regiment) – Adjunct Professor (Strayer University) and PhD Candidate.
  • 20+ years of Active Duty Service in the United States Marine Corps.
  • Member of the National Speakers Association and Program Management Institute.
  • Former NCAA Wrestling Champion and member of the NCAA Wrestling Hall of Fame