Leadership Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, NCAA Champion and Retired Marine Corps Officer
Dan’s career in the Marine Corps (1985-2005) is punctuated by his service at the Pentagon during the attacks on 9/11/01 where he led recovery operations. His highly successful book, Four Days at the Pentagon, details many of the recovery efforts that occurred at the Pentagon and serves as a template for leadership actions in chaotic, confusing, and crisis situations.

The proceeds from the sale of this book are donated to the Wounded Warrior Regiment.

Major Dan also:

• Taught at the U.S. Naval Academy
• Commanded a detachment of Special Operations Capable (SOC) Marines
• Deployed to numerous countries

Since retiring from the USMC, Major Dan:

• Served as a Director of Operations for BAE Systems,
• Professor at Strayer University
• Served a Leadership Keynote Speaker at numerous conferences / events.

His exploits before and after his time in the Marine Corps include running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, completing the USMC marathon in the top 10% of all runners, and winning an NCAA championship in wrestling.

Latest Keynote: Shifting With The Paradigm – Thriving and Leading in Chaotic Environments
Chaos, change, and paradigm shifts … we all deal with these challenges! Why are some leaders able to to THRIVE in times of chaos and paradigm shifts, while others barely survive? In this inspirational, dynamic keynote address, Dan reveals the fours key leadership behaviors absolutely required in times of change and chaos.
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“Major Dan was an absolutely phenomenal guest speaker! Dan was very easy to work with. In a week-long meeting that I am responsible for planning and coordinating, I did not have to worry about the speaking portion because of his thoroughness and sense of urgency wit h all of my questions. His presentation was polished, professional, moving, entertaining and uplifting.”

-Sherry C, Executive Assistant & Event Coordinator
Four Days at the Pentagon

When the attacks of 9/11 occurred, Major Dan Pantaleo chose to run toward the Pentagon to assist and provide leadership. His book, Four Days at the Pentagon, offers a unique first-hand account of the actions at the Pentagon on that fateful day. Proceeds from the sale of his book are donated to the Wounded Warrior Regiment.